Resi Stiegler

March 20, 2014

Lavender Laughter

Lavender laughter…. She can’t hold in that laughter, it fills the earth, it makes you laugh so hard you can’t hold it in yourself. Its from some deep deep region of your soul, from another world. I grew up with that laughter, this heart wrenching laughter. Its my favorite feeling. When you can’t do anything but let go and laugh. I can name the few women in my life who have the ability to laugh like that. They are all crazy brilliant women. My mother was probably the first that I can remember. Its something spiritual and confident. It makes me feel safe. Lavender laughter is a gift and a treat for me.
That moment when you look into someones eyes and you read a story that they might possible be unaware of. How amazing is a silent union. How humans interact. look me in the eye and you see the truth. Like the deep sea or the prisms of the geysers. The many layers of a million feelings and emotions. Peel them back as you search deeper. The color is a reflection of your youth. The beat and hum like a song that takes you away is like those moments spent in the eyes of a stranger and delicious lavender laughter surly awaits.
And for all those other moments, you can dance. Dance around the world as if no one is watching….









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