Resi Stiegler

March 31, 2014

Rust and Bones

Sprinkle her ashes her love it will grow wild and free like her soul. The clouds will build the rain will fall, everything you question will become something important to earth. It will bloom in spring and die in the fall. Summer will bring beauty, winter, she will be blanketed in white feathers of snowflakes. The circle of life will send itself into a beautiful tornado of passion for all that she was worth, for all that she believed in. For all that she was, there is only love, when the heart misses the ones that can’t be touched. Let those tears fall down your face and plunge off your chin like a waterfall for there are no reasons why you can be happy until you have grieved. Life is so fragile and beautiful and this is for sure not the end just the beginning of something else something different something we don’t know. so never fear the unknown but drown yourself in what she wanted. In living your life as best you can. To show her everyday how much she was loved and how much she taught you. Show her the beauty she gave to you as she watches over you as your angel. and live baby girl with deep deep passion.

Dedicated to a beautiful life.


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