Resi Stiegler

August 30, 2015

What Dreams are Made of

In the evening when the light dims down and dusk sets in. Its a long twilight. An endless blur of beauty. the golden rays well on their way to set light on others. Its an eery time when the silence sets into nature. As things find there way home. Cozy up on the deck with that wide open space rolling out in front like a drive up movie. Settling into your rocking chair pulling the blankets up tight as the horses come back from the field and the pots are set on the fire. The musty smell of stew and fresh bread. Fresh flowers wilting slightly finally getting a break from the days heat. Its the time for reflection, for family, for security and calming. Its my favorite time. To sit and laugh about the day and to plan for the next. This time of year with warm days and long evenings. When the rough and rawness of the day lets the true nature of the land show its beauty. Its my time of year.






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